Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tomorrow is D day!

Wouahhh, ok guys so officially tomorrow is the day I fly out to Vancouver for my two days orientation! Then fly onto Calgary/Lake Louise on friday! I cannot waaaait! It still hasn't really hit me quite yet though...
  I just wanted to make this blog so that I can give everybody quick updates from time to time, with pictures and all. So make sure you come check it out 'on the regs' !
  Its all bitter sweet, I am crazy excited about being there and having the time of my life for the next 6-7 months but I am going to miss you all so much!
  I promise to try and update as much as possible mum so you know whats going on!
If any of you feel the sudden urge to book tickets to come and see me, really feel free that would be lush!

Look after yourselves,
Lots of Love from Haz

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