Monday, 14 December 2009

L. ♥. V. E

The girl got style the kinda style I havn't seen in a while! Lets put on our bling, thats how we roll we'll rock this thing!

Photography by CobraSnake

I wanna meet Mark hunter aka the CobraSnake! I personally think we would have a blast, not sure how long I would last, worth a try so lets party hard or I'll treck you back to my yard!

photography by CobraSnake

From L.A to Sydney, New York to Cork, Paris to Berlin their all pretty damn fine but London is mine and thats where I wanna be, getting crunk, the boys trying to touch my junk, but ima' slap em' if they get too drunk!

Fire at the daisy patch!

! Fire at the daisy patch !


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bitter Sweet

Canada is beautiful and the people amazing
I'm having so much fun but its not what I was imagining
Some of you will say that that is proof that dreams never bring truth
Rolling mountains full of snow, larch trees row after row
Even down low in the valley, there is still that special glow

I've had it hard, even from the start
From feeling sick, to now being on cruches and looking like a dick
But things are such fun, so why can't I wait for the end to come
We have plans to get a car and go traveling far

Party after party, night after night
Most of the time no end in sight
We fight for a while but it always ends in a smile
These are my new friends, we already say we shall stay togeter untill the end

I miss London, its buzz, beauty and its vibe
I miss my beautiful friends and family who are always by my side
Mum, I could do with a hug and a snug'
Dad and Fred as I have always said you are the boys of my life
Girls I need a drink so we can sink into the seats of our favorite clubs

Bittersweet situation, love it or hate it
Whatever I do with it, I shall make the most of it


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lake Louise!!


Lake Louise Frontside

Outside Chucktown

Hey guys, so yep I have arrived, sorry for taking so long to update, thanks for hassling me though!
Okay I've been here for almost two weeks now! Do I love it? Yes I do, most of the time! Its soo cold though! I've just got in of of the slopes and thought I would try and update a little bit whilst I wait for dinner to get cooked, as I am not designated chef tonight! It was negative 27 degrees today, with windshield that goes upto about negative 50 on the top sides so a couple of the lifts were closed as there was too higher risk for frostbite!!I also got stuck for about 20mins in the Gondola with a couple of little kids which was a fun experience! Madness eh? Not London weather up here!

I'm finally feeling better after suffering from saw muscles, a massive cold & altitude sickness! I think my body has finally gotten used to the whole change! Which is awesome as it means I'm able to have loadsa' fun on the slopes! Training is now in full swing! Its bloody hardcore but getting very fun and challenging! I'm not going to lie though, I do have a very sore bottom!
We have got two days off tomorrow and tuesday which will be lush to catch up on some rest and relaxation time in the pool and sauna! Pretty dossy!
Mum, I know you expected me to do some 'real' writing but I'm so not in the serious kinda' mood, sorry! I'll post a few pics of the hill at L.L and of Vancouver, but then I'm off to the bar for a few drinks & to catch up on the ice hockey! Im starting to really get into it you know!

Miss you all like hell, can't wait to hear from and see you.

First sunny day on the hill



Lots of love,
Haz xoxo