Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bitter Sweet

Canada is beautiful and the people amazing
I'm having so much fun but its not what I was imagining
Some of you will say that that is proof that dreams never bring truth
Rolling mountains full of snow, larch trees row after row
Even down low in the valley, there is still that special glow

I've had it hard, even from the start
From feeling sick, to now being on cruches and looking like a dick
But things are such fun, so why can't I wait for the end to come
We have plans to get a car and go traveling far

Party after party, night after night
Most of the time no end in sight
We fight for a while but it always ends in a smile
These are my new friends, we already say we shall stay togeter untill the end

I miss London, its buzz, beauty and its vibe
I miss my beautiful friends and family who are always by my side
Mum, I could do with a hug and a snug'
Dad and Fred as I have always said you are the boys of my life
Girls I need a drink so we can sink into the seats of our favorite clubs

Bittersweet situation, love it or hate it
Whatever I do with it, I shall make the most of it


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